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Delegation of Daqing visited Shanghai Institute of CleanTech Innovation

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On 15th November, 2019, Xuejun Zhang, chief engineer of Daqing National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jian Zhang, head of People's Government of Honggang District, Daqing, Haiyang Liu, deputy director of Energy Bureau of Daqing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Quan Cao, deputy head of People's Government of Honggang District, Daqing, Yinghan Zhu, deputy director of Dagang Municipal Honggang Economic Development Zone, and Yongjun Xu, Professor of Harbin Institute of Technology (Chemical Consultant of Honggang District), visited Shanghai Institute of CleanTech Innovation (ICT innovation, Shanghai Curui Low-Carbon Energy Technology Co., Ltd.). Yuhan Sun, director of platform and Hui Wang, executive director received the reception.

The delegation firstly visited CAS Key Laboratory of Low-carbon Conversion Science and Engineering, Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The two sides held a discussion on the comprehensive utilization of diversified resources. At the meeting, Professor Yuhan Sun introduced the progress of related low-carbon technologies such as syngas conversion, CO2 reforming and hydrogenation technology. Chunlei Zhang, chief technology officer of ICT innovation, reported the integrated utilization of Daqing natural gas and refining downstream industrial chain. Xuejun Zhang proposed the strategic demand for “Start with crude oil, ending in chemical industry” in Daqing City.

In the afternoon, the delegation visited ICT innovation and had a discussion. Hu Luo, Assistant General Manager of ICT innovation, briefly introduced the background, overall framework and current progress of ICT Innovation. It aims to build a demonstration platform for low-carbon technology industry and realize market-oriented services with the goal of "openness, public welfare and sustainability". Jian Zhang fully affirmed the platform's construction effect, and proposed that the sustainable development of the oil resources in Daqing was inseparable from the technical support of universities and research institutes.

The core technology of ICT innovation is at the forefront of leading, innovative and growth-oriented at international and domestic. The strategic cooperation between two parties can not only positively affect the innovation and development of the low-carbon industry, but also promote the “Start with crude oil, ending in chemical industry” development. The two parties hope to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation in the future and jointly promote the development of low-carbon technology!



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