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Technology for preparing propylene oxide from propylene epoxidation

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Propylene oxide (PO) is the third largest product in addition to polypropylene and polyacrylonitrile based on propylene, which is widely used in polyurethane, coatings, adhesives, medicine, fine chemicals and other fields. At present, the methods of industrial production of PO mainly include chlorohydrin method and co-oxidation method. However, both methods have disadvantages, such as high-cost, strong corrosiveness, complex production process and large amount of co-products. Therefore, there is an urgent demand to develop a clean production process of PO, with non-co-products, environmentally friendly and economical process.

The hydrogen peroxide to propylene oxide process technology (HPPO) had been developed for decades, which has the advantages of one-step completion, short process, few by-products, high green efficiency and easy industrialization. But the key of this technology lies in catalysts and suitable reactors or operation modes. ICT innovation, jointly with East China University of Science and Technology, developing a complete set of technology for HPPO process through the integrated TS-1 catalyst by the research on structure, catalytic performance, reaction kinetics, reactor structure, fluid flow and amplification, and mastered the design method of structural catalyst reactor.

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