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Technology for hydroformylation of olefin

Time:2019-01-02 Reading:1558

Hydroformylation is a representative gas-liquid reaction between olefin and syngas to produce aldehydes. The aldehydes produced by the reaction are important intermediates for the production of plasticizers, detergents and other products. Although the reaction process has been continuously improved and perfected, the industry is still carried out in a batch reactor under medium and high-pressure conditions, which is not only costly but also limited by gas-liquid mass transfer. Therefore, it is necessary to select suitable catalysts and develop new reactors to realize hydroformylation reaction under mild conditions.

ICT innovation mainly studies high-efficiency catalytic systems for hydroformylation reactions under mild conditions, and obtains ligands with easy preparation, low toxicity, good stability, high selectivity and good catalytic activity; A new type of microreactor for hydroformylation of olefin was developed to investigate the effects of gas-liquid flow form, reaction conditions, microchannels and microbubbles on catalytic performance. It lays the foundation for the application of microreactor in the industrialization process of hydroformylation reaction.

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