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Determination of the First Functional Platform of Shanghai Technology Innovation Center

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Eastern net on 15th February news: one of the “four pillars and eight pillars” constructed by Shanghai Technology Innovation Center --- the first batch of 18 R&D and conversion functional platform were formally determined. Yesterday, the meeting of party and government leaders in Municipal Science and Technology System was held, and it revealed that the construction of functional platform will be based on the principle of maturing one and starting one. By 2020, it plans to foster and establish about 30 functional platforms, with strong service support capability, new management system and mechanism, backbone function, strong industrial influence and regional radiation power.

The R&D and transformation functional platforms are deployed based on the demand of industry development and the short board of transfer and conversion of achievements. The first batch of 18 functional platforms involves biomedicine, big data, artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, intelligent manufacturing and other fields that lead the development of the future industry.

In specific, the platforms included Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Resources Center, Technological Functional Platform of Biomedical Industry, ICT Innovation, Innovative Platform of Brain-like Chips and On-Chip Intelligent Systems, Shanghai Industrial Technology Research Institute, Materials Genome Institute, Functional Platform of Graphene Industry Technology, Beidou Research Institute, Technology Service Platform of Robot Industry, Eastern National Tech-Transfer Center, Industrial µ Technology Institute, Innovation Service Functional Platform of Integrated Circuit Industry, Shanghai Lingang Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute, Functional Platform of Industrial Internet, Innovation Service Functional Platform of Industrial Control Safety, Functional Platform of Intelligent New Energy Vehicle, Functional Platform of Clinical Research and Shanghai Big Date Test Center.

At the meeting, the director of the Shanghai Association for Science and Technology said that functional platforms are different from past engineering centers and laboratories. In terms of assessment criterion, the value realization of functional platform is based on the realization of social value or platform allied value, so the platform must be open and shared. In the construction of talented team, we should break through institutional barriers, give freedom and more choices for talents, and make the income linked with their contribution. At present, Zhangjiang’s achievements in the biomedical industry benefit from the biomedical platform launched 20 years ago. So, the construction of platform is a long-term work. It may be cheaper to introduce several companies in a short term, but its role will be immeasurable when its industrial agglomeration and upstream and downstream effects are exerted.”

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