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Technology for organic liquid hydrogen storage and dehydrogenation

Time:2019-07-03 Reading:1437

Organic liquid hydrogen storage, as a representative of chemical hydride hydrogen storage technology, can be hydrogenation and dehydrogenation without destroying the main structure of the carbocyclic ring. This reaction is insensitive to the structure and is reversible. Organic liquid hydrides have high mass/volume hydrogen storage density and hydrogen storage efficiency, which is convenient for long-distance hydrogen transit. However, the technical operation conditions are harsh and the equipment conditions are relatively high. The dehydrogenation reaction should be carried out under low pressure, high temperature and heterogeneous conditions. Limited by heat and mass transfer and reaction equilibrium limit, the dehydrogenation reaction has low efficiency and is prone to side reactions, and the dehydrogenation catalyst is easily coking and deactivation under high temperature conditions.

In view of the above problems, ICT innovation will explore the catalyst system for the hydrogenation and dehydrogenation reaction of N-ethylcarbazole, a new organic liquid hydrogen storage material, to solve the problems of low dehydrogenation efficiency and high amount of noble metal catalyst in the catalytic dehydrogenation process, to achieve the high-efficiency hydrogenation and dehydrogenation of N-ethylcarbazole under mild conditions.

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