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Technology for methane carbon dioxide reforming

Time:2019-07-03 Reading:1522

The reforming reaction of methane and carbon dioxide, so called dry reforming of methane (DRM), is one of the effective ways to produce syngas. The syngas can be used in dimethyl ether synthesis, carbonyl synthesis, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, etc., which is of great significance to alleviate the crisis of chemical raw materials and energy. The catalysts used in this reaction are mainly noble metal catalysts and non-noble metal catalysts. Although noble metal catalysts exhibit good catalytic performance and carbon deposition resistance, they are limited in industrial application due to limited resources, high price and high recovery cost after reaction. Therefore, non-noble metal catalysts are the most promising active components of DRM catalysts for commercial applications.

ICT innovation will develop a new generation of Ni-based catalysts. The influence of preparation methods, precipitants, dispersants, solvents, and additives on catalyst performance will be well studied during preparation process, the relationship between catalyst performance and process parameters will be researched, and the preparation of catalysts will be verified and conduct mass production.

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