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Technology for methanol oxidation to produce methyl formate

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        In China, technical reserves and large-scale production of alternative fuels and chemicals with high selectivity from coal are still relatively insufficient. As a bridge between petrochemical and coal chemical industry, methanol, has severe overcapacity, so it is of great significance to achieve its efficient conversion. Methyl formate (MF) is an important intermediate of organic synthesis, which is a raw material of organic synthesis and the manufacture of acetate fiber. MF, an important downstream product of methanol industry, can be prepared by methanol esterification, methanol liquid phase hydroxylation, etc. Therefore, the research on methanol and MF is helpful to drive the methanol demand and mitigate the impact of overproduction on the methanol industry.

ICT innovation is oriented to the actual demand of industrial applications for the selective oxidation of methanol to MF, focusing on the development of low-cost, high-activity preparation processes and scale-up processes for vanadium-titanium-sulfur (VTS) catalysts, as well as the safety testing of catalytic oxidation reactions. Laying a new technical foundation for the large-scale production of MF.

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