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2019 Shell Sloar Fuels Symposium held in Shanghai

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     On 25th November, 2019, the “Shell Solar fuels Symposium” was held in Shanghai, which was jointly hosted by Shanghai Institute of CleanTech Innovation (ICT innovation,Shanghai Curui Low-Carbon Energy Technology Co., Ltd.). Lene Hviid, global general manager of Shell Research Center, Alexander van de Made, senior senior scientist, Joost Smit, senior scientist, Yuhan Sun, director of ICT innovation and professors from SARI and ShanghaiTech University attended the symposium. Qun Deng, general manager of Shell Technology Innovation Center in China, chaired the event.

The aim of the event is to create an environment for collaborators of Shell Research Connect in China to meet up and discuss the latest advances in solar fuels research.

     At the event, Alexander introduced the development of Shell and pointed that carbon-based products will become economically feasible if costs are reduced for power from renewables, power storage, electrolysis, CO2 capture and carbon conversion to achieve a zero-carbon emission technical route. Subsequently, PhD students from Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences and ShanghaiTech university were presented their work and discussed with experts on the innovation and application in the energy field.

     This event promoted Shell further understanding of the domestic research progress. Meanwhile, it also allowed researchers to fully realize the actual needs of market and enterprises, seize the future research directions, and drive the deep integration of industry, university and research.

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