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Automatic specific surface and porosity analyzer (micropore/mesoporous)

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Instrument model/companyASAP 2420 Automatic Specific Surface Area and Pore Analyzer, Micromeritics

Main parameters

1. The instrument adopts the principle of "static volume method" isothermal adsorption

2. Analysis range: material specific surface area 0.0001 m2/g to no upper limit

3. Aperture analysis range 3.5 Angstrom-5000 Angstrom

4. Degassing temperature: up to 450 ℃


ASAP 2420 can test the specific surface and pore distribution of materials (adsorbent-liquid nitrogen), and can measure the total adsorption of micropores and mesopores: BET specific surface area, BJH pore size distribution, Dubinin-Astakhov and Dubinin-Radushkevich micropore area, total Pore volume: optional P/P0 selected by the user, average pore size: radius, diameter, statistical wall thickness (t-curve): de Boer, Halsey or carbon black model, t method: micropore surface area, mesopore surface area, micro Pore volume and correlation coefficient, micropore pore size distribution: including 9 model equations such as MP, HK, SF, DA and DFT (density function theory), Langmuir surface area, etc.

It is suitable for the research and product testing of various materials, including zeolite, carbon materials, molecular sieves, silica, alumina, soil, clay, organic metal compound skeleton structure, etc. It is widely used in the study of surface physical properties of catalytic materials such as molecular sieve and activated carbon. It is also widely used in the fields of catalysis, environment and construction.

Test items


1. The information of approximate surface area and the pretreatment temperature should be provided before sending the sample.

2. For parallel test, the charges will be accumulated according to the number of parallel testing samples.

3. For the need of special test, the price is set based on the analytical condition.

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