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High Temperature Thermal Analysis System

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Instrument model/The company: STA 449 F5 Jupiter vacuum sealed synchronous TGA-DSC thermal analyzer, NETSCH

Main parameters:

1.Temperature range: RT-1600℃, Heating rates: 0.001-50K/min

2.Temperature accuracy:±0.2℃(standard metal)

3.The sensitivity of DSC: 0.1

4. Balance resolution: 0.1

5.The maximum range: 35000mg

6.Vaccum: 10-2 mbar

7. Test atmosphere: Inert, Oxidation, Reduction, Dynamic/static, vacuum


The thermal weight loss and thermal decomposition process of the sample during the thermodynamic changes are recorded and analyzed. It is also used to determine the ash content of the sample. It can also determine the content of organic matter and inorganic matter, and qualitatively quantify auxiliary substances in the polymer system.

Test items:


1. For sample with multi-stage program (temperature increase/decrease), it will be converted to corresponding standard temperature section and accumulate the charges.

2. The charge remains unchanged for accelerated heating, but it will increase in proportion to other heating rates.

3. High-purity nitrogen, high-purity air and high-purity argon can be provided. If other gas is required, extra fee will be charged according to the usage.

4. If platinum crucible is needed, additional charge is required.

5. For parallel test, the charges will be accumulated according to the number of parallel testing samples.

6. For the need of special test, the price is set based on the analytical condition.

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