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Microscopical Laser Raman Spectroscopy

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Instrument model/The company: DXRxi2,Thermo Fisher Scientific

Main parameters:

1. Spatial resolution better than 1 μm

2. Confocal resolution is better than 2 μm

3. Standard configuration spectral range ≥50 cm-1

4. Wavelength range: 532 nm, 785 nm

6. High temperature in situ reaction cell


Raman spectroscopy can be used for structural identification: the size, intensity and shape of Raman shift are important basis for determining chemical bonds and functional groups; it can also be used for cis-trans structural judgment in determining isomers (monomer isomerization, Location heterogeneity, geometric heterogeneity, spatial heterogeneity, etc.). The objects that can be tested are semiconductor materials, polymers, carbon materials, geology/mineralogy/gemstone identification, life sciences, medicine, chemistry, environment, physics, Archaeology, film, and forensic science, inspection of prohibited drugs; distinguishing various pigments, pigments, paints, fibers, etc.; research on explosives; ink research; research on bullet residues and geological debris, etc.

Test items:


1. For parallel test, the charges will be accumulated according to the number of parallel testing samples.

2. For the need of special test, the price is set based on the analytical condition.

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