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Combined multifunctional horizontal X-ray diffractometer

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Instrument model/company: Combined multifunctional horizontal X-ray diffractometer Ultima IV, Rigaku Corporation

Main parameters:

1.  Angle measurement range:

1) qs/qd linkage: -3 °~+154 °

2) When qs alone: -1.5 °~+77 °

3) When qd alone: -1.5 °~+77 °

2.  Angle reproducibility: ≤±0.0001 °

3.  Goniometer radius: 185 mm

4.    1)   The slit includes:

Incidence slit (DS) 0.05 mm; 1/2 °; 1 °; 2 °

Anti-scattering slit (SS) 1/2 °; 1 °; 2 °

Accept slit (RS) 0.15 mm; 0.3 mm

2)   Height-limiting slit: 2.0 mm, 5.0 mm, Open

5.  Test mode: high intensity and fluorescence removal mode

6.  Test atmosphere: air, inert gas, vacuum, and other reactive gases

7.  Equipped with Cu target


According to the XRD pattern information, it can determine whether the sample is amorphous or crystalline; by comparing with the standard pattern, you can know the phases the sample is made of. At the same time, XRD can also analyze the average grain size, the relative crystallinity, grain size and lattice stress of the sample (williamson-Hall method) of the sample, refine the lattice constant, determine the crystal system and lattice constant, quantify the phase content, and calculate the residual stress.

Test items:


1. For parallel test, the charges will be accumulated according to the number of parallel testing samples.

2. For the need of special test, the price is set based on the analytical condition


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