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Differential scanning calorimetry

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Instrument model/The company: DSC3/500,METTLER TOLEDO

Main parameters:

1.Temperature range:-90~500

2. Heating rate: 0~300K/min

3. Temperature accuracy:±0.1 ℃Temperature precision: ±0.02 ℃

4. Calorimetric Sensitivity:0.04μW

5. Sampling rate: 50 sample/sec


Used for the determination of thermodynamic parameters such as glass transition temperature, melting point, freezing point, heat enthalpy, purity, crystallinity and so on.

Test items:


1. High-purity nitrogen, high-purity air, high-purity argon, high-purity oxygen and high-purity helium can be provided. If other gas is required, extra fee will be charged according to the usage.

2. The decomposition temperature or thermogravimetric map of the sample should be provided. If the sample decomposes and damages the instrument, customers should bear corresponding responsibility.

3. Overtime charge for sample testing: less than 0.5 hours is counted as 0.5 hours, more than half an hour is counted as 1 hour.

4. For parallel test, the charges will be accumulated according to the number of parallel testing samples.

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