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Universal testing machine

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Instrument model/company: Computer-controlled electronic universal material testing machine WDW-10, Songdun.

Main parameters:

It has the functions of automatic calculation of stress, elongation, tensile strength, elastic modulus, automatic statistical results, and automatic recording of the maximum point, breaking point, force value or elongation at a specified point.

1. Maximum load: 10 kN, effective tensile space: 1000 mm, effective compression space: 1000 mm, effective test width: 400 mm.

2. Accuracy grade: 0.5 grade, effective force range: 0.2%-100%.

3. Test force measurement accuracy: ±0.5%, test force resolution: 500,000 yards.

4. Deformation measurement range: 0.2%-100%, deformation indication error: within ±0.5% of indication value, deformation measurement resolution: 1/500000 the whole process is not divided, and the resolution of the whole process is unchanged.

5. Large deformation measurement range: 1-900 mm, large deformation indication error: within ±1% of indication, large deformation measurement resolution: 0.005 mm.

6. Displacement indication error: within ±0.2% of indication value, displacement resolution: 0.02 μm.

7. Constant force, constant deformation, constant displacement control range: 0.3%-100% FS.


It is suitable for various tests such as tensile, compression, bending, shearing, peeling, tearing, etc. of rubber, plastic, wire and cable, composite material, plastic profile, waterproof coiled material, and metal wire.

Test items:


1.For parallel test, the charges will be accumulated according to the number of parallel testing samples.

2. For the need of special test, the price is set based on the analytical condition.

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